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Casing BB356-Flexible for Half Round Windows

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Price: From $44.70 to $96.80

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BB356  Flexible Half Round Casing 

9/16" x 2-1/4"

For lineal lengths, eyebrow or segment top casing and sizes not priced E-mail For Quotation.

The sizes for half rounds are based on the DIAMETER (2x the radius) of the inside jamb width - per the below diagram. 
 For example, a "2/0" half round will have a diameter of approximately 24". 
For a true half circle (half round), the radius (or rise) will be half of the diameter. 
The flexibility of our material allows us to offer  half round sizes that cover a range of widths.

Note: For sizes not listed above you can use this formula and contact our office for pricing.

Determine how many lineal feet required for your Half Round
Length (feet) Required for Half Round  =
(Radius  + Casing width) x 3.146 / 12

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