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Authentic Barn Doors

Our handcrafted unfinished barn doors are made with authentic, reclaimed barn beams from the Ohio Valley. 
The centuries-old beams in Hickory, Oak and other woods give a beautiful grain that is durable and can be enjoyed for
generations to come.  These high quality barn doors add character and sophistication to your upscale rustic decor while making a statement. Order your door today and own a piece of history.

Choose from 3 character styles:
1860 Circular Saw: sweeping character that shows the character-filled circular lines of the saw. Smoother than the hand hewn
1920 Band Saw: has a smoother finish while retaining character and charm.
1820 Hand Hewn: crafted from lumber taken straight from the logs created by hand with an ax in the early pioneer days in Ohio.

Need a different size  or want to design your own door - we are just a phone call away 216-292-6555!  
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