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Exterior Wood Shutters Custom

We feature Spanish Cedar and Pine: Other woods available. Priming is available.

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Louver shutters available with louver spacing (visible slat size) of  1”,   1-1/8”,  1-1/4” STANDARD,  1-1/2”,   1-3/4”,   2”

The following specifications will give you our layout with those slats :

The louver section must measure in multiples of  the louver spacing size. The center rail will be twice the spacing size or in multiples of that size.
1-1/4" slat: The louver section must measure in multiples of 1-1/4. The center rail will be 2-1/2" (or multiples of 2-1/2)

Stiles and top rail are  2-1/4". Bottom rail is approximately 4". Top and bottom can be adjusted to match your height.

Raised panel (raised 1 side) have stiles and top rail 2-1/4". Bottom rail is about 4-1/4". Cross rail is 2-1/2". Square sticking; Panel thickness 5/8" with edge of panel to raised face 1-3/8" visible.

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Custom Shutter Designations
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Custom Shutter Designations
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Wood is a natural material and if not properly maintained, will deteriorate and rot. 
Wood shutters must be primed and painted on ALL sides with a minimum of 2 coats of paint.
Wood shutters should not be installed flush to a surface.  If you are not using shutter hinges then install the shutter with an 1/8" gap between the wall and the shutter to allow air to circulate.
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