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Ohio Double-Hung Windows: 1-3/8 Thick, 6-Light over 6-Light

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Price: From $257.00 to $395.00

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Ohio Double-Hung Windows - 1-3/8" Thick, Tru-Divided 6-Light Putty Glazed

Top 3' wide x 2' high / Bottom 3' wide x 2' high
Note: Image shows windows hung in a frame (call for quote for assembled units).

Glazed Single Pane (SS) non-tempered clear
Construction: Clear Pine - Open mortise and tenon
Water Repellent Preservation Treated
Glass set in Bedding Compound
Putty Glazed
Plowed for weights and cords
Thickness: 1-3/8"

Dimensions: Overall Size
Stiles &Top Rail 2-5/16"
Bottom Rail       3-3/16"
Check Rails       1-1/4"
Muntin Bar: 5/8" overall (1/4" between glass) standard. 7/8" overall option.

Sash Opening Sizes:
Top Sash: Width= Glass + 4-5/16; Height= Glass + 3-1/4
Bot Sash: Width= Glass + 4-5/16; Height= Glass + 4-1/8
Fixed Sash: Width= Glass + 4-5/16; Height= Glass + 5-3/16 (Beveled bottom rail)
Double Hung: Width= Glass + 4-5/16; Height= 2 x Glass + 6-3/16"

Edge View of Bottom Sash

Open Mortise Joint

We use the best traditional knife grade linseed oil glazing compound available for glazing and bedding glass in wood sash. Putty is the quickest surface skinning product and forms a strong surface skin in one week depending on temperatures. It remains elastic and flexible throughout its lifetime.  Allow at least 14 days to cure before painting with oil or latex paint.
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