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Wood: Seals doors from drafts and can add extra security. Interior or Exterior. Metal Edge and Astragal for commercial applications.
Glass Options for Doors
Images only for glass options. Note that all glass options are not available on all doors.
Jambs & Frames
Wood Flat Jambs, Rabbeted Frames, Fire Rated Frames, Adjustable Metal Frames
Light Inserts
Wood Light Insert kits for 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" doors.
Louver Inserts
For 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" thick doors.
Sills and Thresholds
Sills and Thresholds, Aluminum Residential, Red Oak and ADA Sills.
Square, Rectangular, Elliptical, and Radius designs
Door bottoms, Qlon, Smoke Gaskets and Astragal Boots
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Door Dentil Shelf
Price: From $67.00 to $618.00
Door Dentil Shelf
Unfinished Dentil Shelf . Choice of Large or Small Dentil Blocks
Door Muntin Bar AD Series
Price: From $2.30 to $5.00
Door Muntin Bar AD Series
Replacement bar for tru-divided glass doors. This bar is used on our Appalachian Doors with 1/8' or 1/4" glass.
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