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Hardware Spring Bolt: 90-Degree Joint: HDW290

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HDW290  Spring Bolt: 90-Degree Joint for Rail as small as 1-1/2"

Use for 90 degree rail joints with rail profiles as small as 1.5″ round.

Requires yellow glue. Clean excess glue with water.

Use 5/8″ drill bit & drill a 1/2″ deep hole in both sides of the Joint. Attach a spring to the bottom of both holes. Apply thick layer of glue to both sides. Insert the pin in either spring and twist together. Once the pieces are together, twist 1 turn to create the clamping pressure needed to make the joint permanent. Align the pieces quickly. Allow several minutes for the glue to set before moving the joint.

Spring Bolt is a revolutionary means of attaching wooden stair rails and posts without unsightly wooden plugs. The bolt is fully concealed and takes a fraction of the time to install compared to other hardware. It has passed residential and commercial load testing. 
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