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Wood Historic Windows

Historic windows are custom designed to meet your specifications. Historic windows can be treated with Wood-Life preservative for longevity and durability. Our Historic Windows feature up-to-date methods of weather-stripping with optional insulated glass for maximum efficiency. Historic Windows are available for sash replacement or as complete units. Options include: choice of wood specie, method of sash balance, arch top, oversize windows and hardware. If you require a historic window but do not need to match custom specifications then request either our Ohio or Lexington design.

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Concealed Double ;Hung Hardware. View Video

Hardware Options:

Concealed Balance: The concealed balance will give your window an authentic look. by not showing a vinyl balance or metal tube. Only the frame is visible.
Q. Can I tilt or remove my window sash for cleaning
A. Concealed hardware does not tilt and is not meant to be removed. We do not recommend removing the balances as they are difficult to reset.  Similar to how weights and cord windows work, the sash on a concealed window are separated by a wood parting stop. To remove the sash (not recommended), you must remove the stops that hold in the bottom sash and then remove the two vertical parting stops and the head parting stop.  The stop that is on the exterior of the frame is the blind stop and that is not designed to be removed. 
Please advise us before you sign off on your order if you are intending to remove the sash to paint or stain the edges of the sash. If that is the case we will not due the final install of the parting and interior stops.

Q. Are the concealed balances adjustable for spring tension.
A. No they are not. We order the balance for the weight of the sash.
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