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PermaWrap Recessed Pedestal

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Price: From $749.22 to $1,496.39
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Recessed Panel Square cPVC Pedestal

Shipped in two  "L-Halves".  Does not include a cap that covers the top of the pedestal . Pedestal is open on the top

Width Lengths Inside Bottom Inside Top Base Width Cap Width
16" 40", 46" 13-7/8" 13-7/8" 18-7/8" 18-7/8"
20" 40", 46" 15-7/8" 15-7/8" 22-7/8" 22-7/8"
24" 40", 46" 21-7/8" 21-7/8" 26-7/8" 26-7/8"
The distance from the top of the base to the beginning of  the panel is 6"

- Includes Traditional cap and base as pictured.   
- Made from 1/2" thick PVC
- 25 year warranty  
- Installation kit included 
- Interior and exterior use
- Weather proof
- Insect proof
- Low maintenance

Caulk where required using Siroflex brand Sealant and Adhesive provided by manufacturer. Putty any holes using acrylic putty or caulk.
Lightly sand or scuff surface of column. Clean surface with light detergent and water, denatured alcohol, or window cleaner. Remove soap residue with clean water. 
Apply one coat of 100% acrylic exterior primer and one or more finish coats of 100% acrylic exterior paint.
Paint: Must be primed and painted (not in dark colors unless using a reflective paint, dark is L value of 56 to 0)

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