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Flush Interior

Architectural & custom commodity doors are available per quote.  Pre-hungs, machined  and cut-down are available by quote. Move to Catalog Section

Download Light/Louver Insert information. 

Weight Chart: Door Weights

Images are for illustration purposes. Actual item may vary.
Core Options
Listing of available cores and door constructions.
Birch Flush
Rotary Natural Birch 9 Ply
Cherry Flush
Plain Sliced Cherry. 5 Ply Grade "A"
Maple Flush
Plain Sliced White Maple. 5 Ply "A"
Prime Flush
Special Order
Red Oak Flush
Plain Sliced Red Oak 9 Ply
Walnut Flush
Plain Sliced Walnut. 5 Ply Grade "A"
White Oak Flush
Plain Sliced White Oak 5 ply "A"
Optional Standard Stain Colors.  Custom colors can be quoted.

All of our flush doors can be produced with Architectural Specifications. Please request a quote.

We specialize in supplying quality architectural wood doors in particleboard, stave core, mineral core, structural composite lumber core, bullet resistant and lead lined. Need an institutional hollow core - we can do that also. We can supply doors with veneers from Anigre to Zebrawood, and excellent customer service is what separates B&B from other wood door suppliers. We also offer a full line of environmentally friendly products that  are FSC certified and qualify for LEED projects.

Veneer cuts in most species are offered in Rotary, Plain Sliced (flat cut), Quartered (In Red & White Oak ray fleck is produced and the amount may be unlimited.) and Rift (rift is only available in Red and White Oak).


PC-5: Bonded 5-Ply Particleboard Core Door

Perfect for your premier projects our 5-ply door is constructed using bonded core construction. 20-minute label certification is available.

Fire 45-60-90 : Fire Resistant Core Door

Each door is made using what mineral core.  There is drywall with fiberglass within the mineral core material.  These doors use specific stile and rail components. The higher the minute rating (45, 60, and 90) use slightly larger stile and rail components to help them achieve these higher ratings. The higher the minute rating indicates a smaller amount of visible glass available. There are restrictions regarding lite kit sizes. 

IHC-5: Institutional Hollow Core Door

Sometimes a doors needs to be lighter in weight, but still have blocking for complex hardware situations. Institutional Hollow Core (IHC) is your answer. Our IHC doors weigh 1/3 less than a particleboard door providing the ease of movement needed in certain situations. 

SCL-5: Structural Composite Lumber Core 

Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) allows maximum flexibility and strength. SCL doors can be cut down without regard to stile and rail size limitations. SCL doors can also be used when white boards or clothing hooks need to be applied to one surface. We recommends that SCL cores be used for all full lite doors. 

SC-5 Stave Lumber Core 

Core is made of butt-jointed & glued block. Stiles are 7/8” Matching outer, total 1 3/8” prior to factory trimming (other options available). Rails are 1-1/2" mill option (other options available). Available with a 20-minute rating. Maximum size 4' x 8'.

LLPC-5: Lead-Lined Bonded 5-Ply Particleboard Core Door

We offer 1/16". 3/32" and 1/8" lead thicknesses based on your protection needs. You can pick any species and pre-finish color including plastic laminate and primed hardboard. 

Optional Prefinished wood doors: Benefits


  • Uniform Color, Texture & Sheen.
  • Proper Sanding prior to application of finish.
  • Protection from Unfavorable Humidity Conditions at the earliest possible time.
  • Cost Savings & shorter installation time on job site, resulting in faster project completion.


Note that here may be definite variation of color in the finished product, due to the natural variations in the color of the doorskin, grain density, and grain texture.   Stain bases, topcoat compounds, and lighting conditions can combine to make exact color matching nearly impossible.

Architectural & custom commodity doors are available per quote.  Pre-hungs, machined  and cut-down are available by quote. 

Architectural Door Information
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