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Fypon & Urethane Millwork

Fypon products are non-load bearing. For decorative purposes only.

Fypon reserves the right to hollow out the back of any product without notice. Some products may be made as assemblies.

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Premium Adhesive
Urethane-based adhesive for all joint surfaces. Fits standard caulking guns.
Balustrade Systems
Available in 3 rail sizes plus faux stone!
Beams and Rafter Tails
Mesa, Tahoe, Rough Sawn, Hand Hewn styles; Pre-primed and ready to stain or paint.
Brackets, Corbels and Dentil
Available in Primed White or Primed Woodgrain.
Serpentine Column
High-density urethane and reinforced with steel.
Door & Window Trim
Crossheads, Keystones, Pilasters and more.
Exterior & Interior Accents
Appliques, Finials, Fixture Mounts, Spires, Porch Spandrels, Wreath & Bow and more.
Ball & Acorn Tops
Decorative Urethane Full-Round Finials : Ball, Pedestal, Acorn, Urn and Pineapple Tops available for exterior use.
Cathedral Style
Available for ventilation or for decorative.
Classic, Stepped and Beam Mantels
_rown Florentine MLD490-12
100's of profiles to choose from and easily installed.
Louver, panel and batten styles
Fypon, Urethane Spires will enhance the beauty of any outdoor area. Pre-primed White.
Fypon products must be painted within 90 days to maintain limited warranty.


Q. Can Fypon rush ship items faster than two weeks
A. If the order is 20 pieces or less (stock at Fypon) and ordered prior to 11AM EST, Fypon will ship the next business day. Freight costs will apply (call for quote) plus a $55 net rush cost. Next or 2nd day air costs must be quoted.
    Orders exceeding 20 pieces must be pre-approved by Fypon (this process will not allow the items to ship the next day)

. if Fypon makes a custom mold for me (which I pay for), how long will they keep the mold for re-orders.
A. Unless the item is ordered multiple times throughout the year, we plan on destroying the molds at the end of each year. If you know this item is something that will be needed over an extended period of time for an ongoing project(s) you may request that we keep the mold longer.  Any re-orders of custom molded/fabricated items will be assessed a $100 set up fee for quantities of 5 pieces or less. 

Q. Beams are only finished on 3 sides,(hollow on 4th side), if I am using this in a truss situation, how do I finish or close off the 4th side?
A. Most truss systems are not seen from above the trusses. Fypon does not offer a closed beam for a truss system. You could use one of the Flat Trim boards and install it on the job. However, the flat board will not match the Hand Hewn, Tahoe or Rough Sawn.  

Q. How do I stain the wood grain Fypon products.
A. See this link below

Finishg Touches - Primer Color match available at Sherwin-Williams

To better service our customers we have worked with Sherwin-Willams to formulate a color and sheen match for our factory-applied primer.

Fypon White:
Resilence Exterior Latex
Products # K42W51
Sheen: Flat
Base: Extra White
No colorant needs to be added to the formula

Fypon Oatmeal:
Resilence Exterior Latex
Products # K43W53
Sheen: Satin
Base: Deep Base
Quart and gallon formulas below:

Quart Formula
W1 - White 4/32, 1/64
B1 - Black 7/32, 1/64, 1/128
R2 - Maroon 4/32
Y3 - Deep Gold 15/32, 1/64, 1/128

W1 - White 18/32
B1 - Black 31/32, 1/128
R2 - Maroon 15/32, 1/64
Y3 - Deep Gold 63/32

Fypon Black Primer:
Sherwood ACR: Millwork Primer
Product #E60bp102

Fypon resists moisture, bug infestations, warping and cracking. 
Use a urethane-based adhesive (ADH1) on all Fypon products.
Fypon is pre-primed and must have a finish coat applied either prior to or after installation.
Painting prior to installation will require patching of fastener holes and touch up of paint.

Fypon reserves the right to hollow out the back of any product without notice. Some products may be made as assemblies.
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